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Not only do I completely trust Dr Tyndall to have performed cervical & lumbar fusions in my spine, but also he completely trusted me. • REVIEWER

Dr Dwight Tyndall is the BEST orthopedic surgeon on the planet! He is always concerned about your overall health and gives the best care ever. • REVIEWER LAURIE

I am a chiropractor and can confidently say Dr Tyndall is one of the best. He (and his staff) are clinically at the top of their game. What’s rare is to find a surgeon who can also talk to you like a real person.

Google My Business • REVIEWER JOSEPH

It’s not often you walk out of a doctor’s appointment feeling comfortable and at ease but that is exactly what happened at Dr Tyndall’s office. • REVIEWER

Dr Tyndall and his staff are wonderful, caring, and professional people. • REVIEWER

Board Certified, Fellowship Trained Spine Surgeon

Dwight Tyndall, MD, FAAOS

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