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The SitTight Chair

The SitTight Chair Review

Our Take:

  • Easy to assemble; took less than 10 minutes from unboxing to full assembly
  • Versatile; can be used as a sitting or standing chair
  • Great way to engage your core muscles while working at your desk; sitting or standing
  • DRSpine Seal of Approval

The COVID pandemic has had a significant change on how some of us now work. More and more of us are working from home spending hours on end at our desk stuck on Zoom calls. As such, we are becoming more and more sedentary with the potential for becoming deconditioned. Therefore, how do we keep as fit as possible while working under these new conditions?

Ideally, it would be great to get some form of exercise while we work. It is hard to do this while on a Zoom call; since, let’s face it, it would look odd to be exercising while on a call. The other call participants might not be amused or supportive. Fortunately, there is a new product on the market that addresses the need for conditioning your core muscles while working from your desk either while at home or at the office.

The SitTight chair is designed to allow us to condition our core muscles while working from a seated position at our desk. The core concept behind this new chair,  Balanced Active Sitting®, is to create a sense of controlled instability while sitting or standing therefore forcing our core muscle to be active rather than being passive. This has multiple health benefits since it helps to stabilize your spine leading to better posture while standing or sitting. With increased muscle activities, there is the additional benefit of turning the activity of working from a desk into an active calories burning exercises. A recent study showed greater caloric expenditure while using this type of chair versus a sitting ball or a standard type chair.

Although the SitTight chair is meant for sitting at a desk, the base of the chair can be used separately as a platform to work in a standing position at your desk. In our time with the SitTight chair, we found this versatility to be very useful as some of us prefer to sit and work while others were more inclined to use it as a platform for a standing desk.

Overall, we found the SitTight chair to be a novel and very interesting product to address the issue of core strengthening while working from a desk; whether sitting or standing.


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